CVI is taking our accredited CME/CEU/SDMS/VOICE programs online – and we invite you to join us!

At a time when many other organizations are postponing programs until 2021, CVI is diligently working to bring you the same outstanding accredited continuing education featuring nationally recognized thought leaders and regional experts, in a virtual format.

CVI’s plan for effective delivery of accredited education focuses on several shorter live proceedings, as well as an opportunity to watch recordings of the live proceedings within 45 days of the live session to earn CME/CEU/SDMS/VOICE credits/MOC points. Both formats require advance online registration to receive access to the programs. For each program, you can view a combination of live and recorded sessions to receive full credit for the activity.

Our accredited providers (ACCME, AMA, AOA, SDMS, VOICE, ABIM) require additional measures for us to provide those credits to you.

Live Proceedings and Recorded Sessions
At the start of each presentation (both live and recorded proceedings), viewers will be given a 3-digit start code; and at the conclusion a 3-digit end code. You will need to enter the 6-digit code on the evaluation for each presentation to receive credits.

Recorded Proceedings
For those viewing recorded proceedings (1 or more of the segments), you will need to complete a multiple choice quiz after viewing the program to assess knowledge as a result of viewing the segment.

For Nuclear Technologists and Sonographers, you will need to complete:

  • 8 quiz questions per presentations ≤60 minutes
  • 12 quiz questions per 90-minute presentation

For Physicians and all other participants, you will need to complete:

  • 3 quiz questions per presentations ≤60 minutes
  • 5 quiz questions per 90-minute presentation

We understand that these are additional steps, but they are required by our accreditation bodies in order for us to award you credits. Thank you for your understanding.

For information on upcoming CVI/CME/CEU/SDMS/VOICE/MOC programs click here.