CVI programs offer our esteemed pharmaceutical – medical device and equipment – healthcare – and other industry colleagues the opportunity to interact and market their products and services to our CVI program attendees.

CVI programs are developed by institutionally diverse planning committees which carries through to our program faculty as well. Attendees at many of our CVI programs come from throughout the extended Greater Philadelphia Region (including the southern half of NJ, all of DE and the eastern half of PA). For some programs we see additional attendees coming from the New York through Virginia corridor. Our CVI Fellows program typically hosts attendees from throughout the nation.

We explain to our attendees that our valued industry partners make these important education programs possible, and encourage them to visit with exhibitors. The addition of CVI BINGO! has encouraged attendees to stay until programs conclude, and has significantly increased traffic at CVI program exhibits.

Each CVI program utilizes a comprehensive Exhibit Prospectus including a formal letter of request/invitation, program agenda/faculty, payment details and CVI’s current IRS w9 form.

CVI also appreciates the opportunity to work with our industry partners to explore unrestricted educational grants and other sponsorship opportunities when appropriate.

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To find out more about exhibit, grant and/or sponsorship opportunities, please call 215-389-2300 or email

For industry partners interested in finding out about upcoming programs as they are released (if you are not on our list and do not receive e-blasts from CVI) and would like to add your name and email – click subscribe on our home page or email your name, email, mailing address and other contact details to us to